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  • It’s simple to meet consumer demand for products that are both nutritious and appetizing.

    Start with whey protein —  the ingredient that delivers:

    • Complete protein for lean muscle
    • Clean flavor for higher use levels
    • Stability across processing methods 

    Our food scientists are expert in formulating with whey protein in a broad range of food and beverage systems. 

    Check out three new concepts: 

    Special protein drink to create calm:  Relaxation Milk n Cookies 

    Satisfying protein smoothie to start your day:  Strawberry Banana Smoothie 

    Protein shake to help recover from exercise:  Chocolate Recovery Drink 

    Want to use whey protein in your products? Email us – We can help make that a reality.

    *Consumers - Hilmar Ingredients does not sell whey protein directly to the public. Our whey proteins are used as ingredients in many high quality foods and drinks available in stores and online.

    Whey Protein Anytime 

    Whey protein is the ideal protein for consumption throughout the day. Because the human body has a constant need for the amino acids in protein, each meal or snack occasion is a valuable opportunity to include high quality protein in the diet. Whey protein is a complete protein delivering high biological value and it is versatile too – excellent for fortifying a wide range of foods and beverages.  

  • WheyProteinAnytime